“The PoC built by StarterSquad was a crucial argument to convince our investor for the next round” — QwikSense

Share the work with a team of professionals, instead of staffing a projects with resources.
StarterSquad works primarily for startups, and because we keep the same team together for multiple MVP's we don't waste time sandboxing over and over again.

Meet the StarterSquad team

Getting a team to work well together is a tough job that takes time and dedication. We have already done that job for you. Having skilled professionals in the team is half the job. Knowing each others strengths and weaknesses is the other half. Have a look at our profiles and feel free to connect.

Allround web developer, lean business hacker
Front-end developer, getting things done
Look and feel artist, eye for detail
Back-end developer, Scala magician (80lvl)
Natural born artist and UX geek

Developers for your startup

Hiring developers is hard and risky. If you sign with someone that doesn't fit the team you risk losing a years salary on the bad decision. StarterSquad sells capacity to clients on a week by week basis: you never risk losing more than one week of budget. You have more room to experiment and learn before committing to your own staff.

Getting a team up to speed takes time and effort, which you'll be paying for along the way. StarterSquad teams have been working together for longer periods before you buy their capacity, so they will hit the ground running. This means you can get something done quickly, and then reserve budget until you're ready for your next experiment.

The StarterSquad model

We work for startups only, keeping the team together for multiple engagements. We believe in openness, collaboration and learning. We're a stable team, at high velocity. Add your work to our TODO list and we'll crunch through it like a well oiled machine. You can share work with a team of professionals, instead of staffing projects with resources every time. Your organisation stays lean, while we stay agile.

By doing many small, cutting edge projects in short succession we are forcing ourselves to adapt to change every day. This keeps the team agile and up-to-date.

Developers love StarterSquad

Work from any location

We’re spread all over the world, we work from our homes or inspiring locations of our choosing. Dragging a ball and chain to the office is so last century.

Human friendly schedules

We believe that your best work happens when it happens. This might be Sunday morning at 6 when you’re running in the woods, or while having a long afternoon tea. Or at your desk around 10 on wednesday morning. You know this better than anyone else.

Inspired by technology

A project we take on as a team should be rewarding to work on. Life is too short to configure WebSphere, no matter what the pay.

The Technical Feasibility Scan is a perfect tool for startups in a (seed capital) funding round.
Together with the trackrecord of Iwein and the Startersquad team it convinced our investors that our IT roadmap is feasible within planning and budget.

Remco Wilcke, Founding partner at Cool Endeavour

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Automated deployment with Prudentia

A few months ago Iwein wrote an article about Continuous Deployment and what it takes to get there. It’s about time to get practical about that. How do you do it? It’s really simple. In this howto we’ll show you how to deploy a simple Jekyll application to Digital Ocean with Prudentia. But first let me explain the example a bit better.

Let’s pick a real example

We’ll take a very simple example: our website

Step 1. Write your deployment scripts

We already did that for you (and for us :)).

The deployment scripts are actually Ansible playbooks with a few simple tweaks. That means that if you have already existing playbooks they can easily used Read more

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