We design, participate and fund

With our international team of highly skilled developers, designers
and growth hackers we’ll make your online startup perform smoothly
and look great. Let Startersquad support your success!

The Minimal Viable Product built by StarterSquad was crucial
to convince our investor for the next (funding) round.

Rino Stevens,
founder of Qwiksense
Startersquad in a nutshell

Development & Design

We develop web & mobile apps for Startups and Companies. Our developers make technology work for you and our designers ensure your solution looks great.

Validate your plans

We have vast experience in building tech innovations. We understand technical challenges and know what it takes to do business development & growth hacking. So get in touch and validate your plans!


We fund Startups from our Seed Fund. If you have a great idea that has impact we would love to hear about it. We have over 20,000 hours in development capacity to invest in the greatest ideas.

Some great startups
we’ve worked for

Start small, grow big


We increase your execution speed. Track progress on a weekly basis. First go-live in six weeks. We suggest the best and quickest route to validate your idea and build a minimum viable product.


Scale your development with our on-demand capabilities. You determine how and what we build in iterations. Scale-up and down on weekly basis. Pivot and stop anytime!


Development budget is fixed with weekly deliveries. With capacity+ product management is taken care of. We make sure you hit your targets. You will be satisfied, if not you get your money back.

Top quality

We have established teams of highly skilled coders, biz-dev specialists, rockstar designers and growth hackers spread all over the globe. Our diversity makes us special. We keep our teams together for multiple Startup assignments. That raises quality and speed of delivery.

Get a quick assessment of your idea by one of our founders

Scan your idea
Start working on it
Build your MVP
Scale it up!

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