How to do SLA’s right

The way most people think about maintenance and support is wrong. Wrong in the same way that the healthcare system is broken. Here’s a brilliant way to fix it, so brilliant that I wish I’d thought it up myself. Someone told me that in ancient china, the village doctor would get paid a wage. Except… Read more →

6 Tips to Supercharge Corporate Innovation

The competitive landscape of most companies is changing at rapid pace. Most changes come from technology innovations. Existing businesses in every sector struggle with this digital disruption. The rate can vary, but disruption will hit every sector. And in this digital vortex existing companies are prisoners of their current success. But they understand that they need to innovate. The hardest question is: “How… Read more →


My New Life as a Remote Worker

Up to this point in my career I have been an office worker. My work life has been about commuting by car to uninspiring office buildings year after year. Although I never had traditional 9 to 5 jobs, the mindset in the companies I have worked for (even the ones I founded myself) was that… Read more →


Building your product successfully with a remote team: an interview with Sanoma’s Marie Louise Kok

Hiring a remote development team can be risky. Managing that team and ensuring that it performs well can also be a challenge, as we’ve written in a previous post. In this interview, Sanoma’s Marie Louise Kok shares some best practices for hiring and working with a remote team, based on her experience with StarterSquad. Marie Louise… Read more →

How we support Lean Startup

As we work mostly for Startups we always align our work with the process they face in search of product-market fit. Lean Startup and Customer Development are common practices used by our clients. Our understanding of these practices make StarterSquad stand out against traditional digital agencies and software developers. We understand the process and rhythm… Read more →