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Patterns of collaboration for collocated teams

In continuation to our last post on remote collaboration patterns, let’s take a look on some key collaboration patterns for collocated teams which are helping many teams worldwide. How can I help you? After working with many Agile projects, I realised that collaboration has deeper meaning in a widely used phrase, “How can I help… Read more →

Patterns of collaboration in distributed organisations

StarterSquad is a team of remote developers distributed across different time-zones in almost all continents. While working in such a manner, we experienced and evolved certain patterns and practices on collaboration. Through a series of posts, we’ll share our experience. In this post, let’s share some patterns on remote collaboration. Remote Pairing Agile software development… Read more →

Your startup cannot scale? So what?

150 years ago, everybody was working from home, and everybody was an entrepreneur. Not everything was easy, but if you made a living, you were most probably doing it with a small local business. Then the industrial revolution happened, from that point we invented commutes, workplaces and enterprises. Now most of us commute to the… Read more →