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Recommendations to avoid Startup failure

When you write about Startup Failure┬álike Alain LeLoux did in his last blogpost you are almost obliged to give some tips to avoid these failures as well. The insight into the sources of failure already provides some direction for finding possible measure to reduce failure risk. But, Alain also was so kind to provide us… Read more →

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Top 10 reasons why Startups fail

This top-10 is derived from my personal experience, directly by coaching more than 100 startups and indirectly through my involvement in 300 other startups over the last decade. Underestimate timelines before the company is making profit (underestimating the marketing & roll-out costs) Overestimating the market size Funding problems and cash flow problems Problems with customer… Read more →

Life in a Startup Incubator (part 1)

As of September this year, SwipeGuide, a StarterSquad project, entered the Pressure Cooker program at Startup Incubator Utrecht Inc in the Netherlands. SwipeGuide is a platform that enables you to create, share and use visual step-by-step instructions on mobile devices. You can check out to learn more about the startup. In this blogpost, I… Read more →

Daan Assen with SwipeGuide at Utrecht Inc