Sharing knowledge in co-located vs distributed environments

This post was written by Iwein Fuld, Founder of Capacitor, the workplace where companies develop their apps with the help of distributed teams. Sign up for Capacitor today and we’ll double your credits (up to €500) to hire a team for your project! Earlier we talked about patterns of collaboration for distributed and collocated teams separately.… Read more →

Patterns of collaboration for collocated teams

In continuation to our last post on remote collaboration patterns, let’s take a look on some key collaboration patterns for collocated teams which are helping many teams worldwide. How can I help you? After working with many Agile projects, I realised that collaboration has deeper meaning in a widely used phrase, “How can I help… Read more →

Patterns of collaboration in distributed organisations

StarterSquad is a team of remote developers distributed across different time-zones in almost all continents. While working in such a manner, we experienced and evolved certain patterns and practices on collaboration. Through a series of posts, we’ll share our experience. In this post, let’s share some patterns on remote collaboration. Remote Pairing Agile software development… Read more →