distributed teams

Scale development by splitting teams

StarterSquad is growing, and this has caused the need for scaling up our development capacity. Because the StarterSquad model is appealing to developers, recruiting hasn’t been much of a problem, but we did find an interesting challenge in scaling up our teams. Research has shown that the productivity of a team doesn’t scale linearly with… Read more →

How to behave as a developer in a Distributed Team

I wrote earlier about our way of doing distributed development. The learning continues. In this post I explain the rules that we apply to ourselves to keep the team flow and collaboration going. These are the rules that make it possible for StarterSquad to deliver high quality MVPs. The rules are short, and easy to… Read more →

Effective Distributed Software Development

Getting software development done effectively is hard. Distributing work over a team effectively is even harder. Distributing work over a remote team, even one that isn’t colocated seems impossible. However, this is exacly how StarterSquad works. Read on if you want to know how we pull it off. Basic rules of distributed collaboration Personally, I… Read more →