Estimating for Viable Business

A week ago I stumbled on an interesting article by Petri Kainulainen about estimations. It argues that because estimations are invariably going to be wrong, you should stop doing them. In fact they can be counterproductive because they trigger gaming instead of adding value. I believe this is true to some extent, although I also… Read more →

How do you stay in the right risk profile?

Estimating Risks In an enterprise, and especially a small one, the key to success is a healthy Risk Return Ratio. The game is to make smart (low risk) investments of time, money or other resources so that the investments return. The key to a high average return on investment is to optimize the risk return… Read more →

How do you know if your Startup Idea can be built?

An investor once told me that virtually none of the startups that presented them as an investment opportunity to him could explain where they got the estimation for the development costs in their business plan. At least not at a level that inspires confidence. In a typical scenario, when meeting with an investor, the entrepreneur… Read more →