Horizon 2020: The Future of Internet

Today StarterSquad Founders Daan and Iwein packed their stuff and went to Brussels for the Horizon 2020 event about the Future of Internet. Around 700 people from across the EU were present to discuss opportunities around the themes Network Technologies, Software & Services Cloud, Net Innovation, and Experimental Platforms. How Horizon 2020 impacts the european… Read more →

How do you stay in the right risk profile?

Estimating Risks In an enterprise, and especially a small one, the key to success is a healthy Risk Return Ratio. The game is to make smart (low risk) investments of time, money or other resources so that the investments return. The key to a high average return on investment is to optimize the risk return… Read more →

The need for Technical Angels

When talking about angels in the context of startups, people naturally make the association with investors. This is correct in some sense, but an angel does much more than financial backing alone. When a startup finds the right angel they get mentoring and a deep knowledge of the market to support their enterprise. In fact… Read more →