How to be a productive developer (2)

Last week I wrote about what you can do to your body to become more productive. This week I’ll write about what you can do to your mind. I believe that fixing your physical well being is important to do first, it makes the mental part much easier to do. However, once you’ve got your… Read more →

How to be a productive developer (1)

I’ve done a lot of experimentation around my own productivity as a developer. For what it’s worth I think that the lessons I’ve learned from my failures and successes are worth sharing. Especially because in the startup community, everybody is trying to wring the best performance out of themselves, sometimes with devastating effects. This article… Read more →

Scale development by splitting teams

StarterSquad is growing, and this has caused the need for scaling up our development capacity. Because the StarterSquad model is appealing to developers, recruiting hasn’t been much of a problem, but we did find an interesting challenge in scaling up our teams. Research has shown that the productivity of a team doesn’t scale linearly with… Read more →