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Estimating for Viable Business

A week ago I stumbled on an interesting article by Petri Kainulainen about estimations. It argues that because estimations are invariably going to be wrong, you should stop doing them. In fact they can be counterproductive because they trigger gaming instead of adding value. I believe this is true to some extent, although I also… Read more →

5 Key Questions for Startup Success

Building a successful Startup is hard work. You always start with a big vision and lots of energy. But after some first iterations of your idea you get to this crucial stage. Will our Startup takeoff or will it go nowhere? The following questions help to find our in a (more or less) structured way.… Read more →

Lean Innovation: speeding up corporate innovation

The Innovation Pitfall Organizations need to be superior in innovation to survive in today’s challenging business environment. New technologies, processes and business models emerge in ever shorting cycles. When we imagine innovation, in most cases breakthrough technological innovations come to mind. Hunting for these innovations is a risky adventure that rapidly soaks up Research &… Read more →

The Great Rewrite

Every developer of some experience has seen it at least once. The evil beast of an application that should be killed with fire to rise from the ashes as a beautifully crafted phoenix. Business people dread the moment when they need to scale their team and the best new developer explains that the application is… Read more →