You Need to Belle with ReactJS

This week Nik Graf, long time StarterSquad member and former CTO of will be at React Conference Europe. At the conference he will take the opportunity to release a new open source UI library called Belle. It’s an exciting moment for StarterSquad to see yet another great open source framework built by one of the community members.

Let me take this opportunity to highlight some of the existing traits of ReactJS.


ReactJS has made a great impression in the JS framework landscape. Last year Facebook has embraced React. Since then it has shown to have great performance characteristics. The programming model has a positive impact on the architecture of client side applications. At StarterSquad we have had a fabulous relationship with AngularJS. But when React got a boost from Facebook last summer we decided to flirt and see what other options we had.

But why build a UI framework (Belle) for it?

React itself is a great tool to build a UI, but it needs a lot of work from developers and designers. When implementing applications for clients on a deadline, too much freedom can bite you. That’s why Nik started to build Belle. Belle is an opinionated component library. It helps developers focus on developing features. Besides it helps avoid many abstract structural design decisions. Belle has a comprehensive set of clever UI components. These components look and feel great by default, yet it is easy to customize them.

To sum it up, this is what makes Belle great:

  • localized styling in the components combined with easy customization
  • usability
  • excellent mobile support
  • keyboard support
  • consistent API over all components complying with React style

Our experienced team Firefly builds applications in ReactJS with Belle. You are welcome to get in touch with us to know more.

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