Blink Paspoort

The Lek en IJssel school district is made up of 17 primary schools located in the Dutch cities of IJsselstein, Lopik, Vianen, and Culemborg.


The school district was tracking children’s progress and creating individual learning schedules by keeping handwritten notes. But due to the large number of students, this system proved to be highly impractical. It became too difficult to keep track of individual students and maintain the overall schedule. It was also impossible to allow children to add information to the system from home, or to involve their parents.

The district attempted to digitize the process by buying off-the-shelf applications, but they could not get the children to adopt the new procedure. Then, they tried to work with a software company that wanted to charge them €10,000 per school to implement a new system, but this solution was far too costly. Finally, they approached StarterSquad.


StarterSquad suggested building an online platform for the whole district, rather than a separate implementation for each school. We then hosted a series of workshops for children aged 7 to 12 in order to create user stories and help them design the user experience themselves. This created a strong sense of involvement, resulting in the children’s quick adoption of the system.

The pilot platform was rolled out in the first school in June 2014. Since then, the project has been adopted by other schools and has been extremely well received by the school district’s administration, the students and their parents.