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All about code & music. Passionate about doing front-end development, design and performance of SPAs. One time "Startup Weekend" winner.
From Amsterdam by way of San Francisco. Creates rapid prototypes with object systems, graph databases, and real-time media. Sings.
Experienced in MEAN, LAMP, C#. Likes development operation magic. Do you have a problem that needs to be solved?
Experienced IP networking and Unix professional with 15+ years hands-on experience.
Lives in Kyiv.
Lean entrepreneur and techie with broad engineering skills. In love with Polymer and mobile.
Lives in Lviv. Loves when everything works.
Lean techie, full stack developer and growth hacker. Finding balance between technical and business priorities and building teams.
An Italian, a collaborative problem solver and all around enabler. Loves helping and committed to a continuous improvement process.
Software engineer, living in the Netherlands. Currently focused on backend web development, data processing and scalability.
Enjoy the possibility to create something new and face creative challenges.
Product Guy & Full-Stack Developer. Deeply cares about the whole product experience & passionate about creating great software architecture.
A Design Thinker that codes. Full stack developer with devops skills. Designer-Engineer blend with 15+ of OOP.
Backend developer from Zagreb, Croatia. Loves scala and static typing (types driven development).