Work with us to assess the technical feasibility of your product idea and the viability of business model. Hire us to build your MVP, grow your user base or evaluate if your product is ready to dazzle potential investors.

We help you validate your business idea. First we identify risks in your plan with our Business Viability and Technical Feasibility Scans. Then we define solutions for de-risking your plan. We have built over 50 Internet Startups with our StarterSquad community. We have de-risked Startups for a business value of over 20 million euro.


  • Insight in the potential of your innovation in a week;
  • Major risks identified and defined solution measures;
  • Outcomes that are 100% usable for investor pitches;
  • Evidence-based high quality scans.
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The Technical Feasibility Scan is a perfect tool for startups in a seed funding round.
It convinced our investors that our IT roadmap is feasible.

Remco Wilcke,
founder of

Technical Feasibility Scan:

A solid technical foundation is crucial for the success of Startups and Digital Innovations, particularly when the technology is at the core of your Growth Strategy. To mitigate technical risks early in product development, StarterSquad can perform a Technical Feasibility Scan (TFS):

  • draw up a potential technical architecture;
  • work with the client to define a Minimum Viable Product (MVP);
  • estimate the amount of work;
  • identify technical risks such as: scalability, complexity or need for rare skills;
  • make a draft design that you can use in early marketing and pitch decks.

When investing in a new idea, there are business risks and technical risks. Financial investors ask would-be founders to scrutinize the business risks, but most technical investors are less experienced and fooled by the founders’ enthusiasm. An investor should not solely rely on the founders’ technical team to identify early risks.


Business Viability Scan:

Before starting to build your Innovation or Startup, you want to make sure that it has the potential to flourish and grow. Based on our substantial Innovation and Startup experience we have developed a methodology to check the viability of your Startup or Innovation idea. Our evidence-based approach checks if your startup has the necessary traits found in the most successful Startups:

  • Idea: the idea is superb and will make headlines.
  • Product/Market fit: your product will satisfy customers and there is an identifiable market for your idea.
  • Team and Execution: you and your team have the power to realize your idea both technically and commercially.
  • Traction: proof that your value proposition is appealing to customers.
  • Social Proof: the proof that investors are interested or comparable startups are in business.

Our Business Viability Scan (BVS) consists of a questionnaire, research and workshops with your Startup or Innovation team. You’ll get a report that helps growing your business and acquiring investment. This scan is often combined with the TFS in technology-based Startups. These scans together provide the roadmap for Lean Startup of your Business idea.


We are hands-on investors in your Startup. The StarterSquad Fund is raised from our community aimed at pre-seed investments. Typically we get on board early with a minority share. You will still be in full control of your Startup, but we will support you as a technical co-founder. This will ensure excellent execution of your digital innovation, the most critical asset for your success.

Every Friday our StarterSquad Fund Community gathers for new Startup pitches (10 min pitch & 10 min Q&A) and monitoring of existing investments. We accept pitches of early stage Startup ideas that have a founding team of at least 2 Founders and that need technical execution power. You want to work with the best technical co-founder you can imagine? Then we challenge you to pitch to us!

Your Benefits:

  • Smart money for the execution of your idea;
  • Investment decisions made within 4 weeks;
  • Work with the best design, tech & growth teams for execution;
  • Access to our investor network for follow-up investments.
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Capacitor, Ucourse, SwipeGuide

Customer experience is the most important factor for the success of startups.

The attention span of users is going down dramatically. If users are not satisfied with an app in the first seconds, they download another one and delete yours. That is why we start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around. We know how to design great user experiences for both mobile & web applications.

Your Benefits:

  • We turn your first sketches into clickable demo in a week;
  • Work with the best User Experience & Interface Designers for your product;
  • 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied;
  • Our teams have Design Driven Development (D3) capabilities.
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We apply Design Driven Development (D3) methodology to make design an integral part of the (agile) product development process. We not only hand over Design files to the Developers, we continuously work together to improve the user experience and interface design in the smallest detail.

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You want to build a digital innovation as a company or Startup? Then you better make sure you have the required technical execution power. Good developers and teams are hard to find, so in many cases the final resort is to hire freelancers. Hiring freelancers and having them work as a team are two entirely different things. Before a new team can start performing, the team goes through forming, norming and storming. These phases can be time consuming and thus in the way of quick innovation or Startup.

StarterSquad has teams that have been working together for longer periods. So the moment you hire them, they will hit the ground running. We believe in the quality of our teams. If you have any reason to be unhappy, you can stop immediately. We will give a full refund of the unfinished iteration. If you want you can stop at any time and we provide full refund on any unfinished iteration.

Your Benefits:

  • High velocity, stable teams to speed up your time-to-market;
  • Rock solid understanding of Agile, Extreme Programming and Lean Startup principles;
  • Specialized teams for multiple platforms & technologies;
  • Pay-as-you-go software development, based on a weekly budget that is agreed upon in advance;
  • Working software guaranteed with each weekly demonstration.
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Some of our specialities:

  • Growth hacking: digital marketing, strategy, analytics, business development;
  • Front-end: AngularJS, NodeJS, SASS, ReactJS;
  • Data Science: data analysis, machine learning, Scala, Python, Spark;
  • Validation: Customer Development,  Design Driven Development, Validated learning;
  • Devops: Continuous Deployment, Lean, Scalability, Reliability, Infrastructure, High Availability.

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Trustworthy, accurate, straight and committed.
The team was always there to answer even the smallest silly remarks or questions.
Big applause to you all and looking forward to our future!

Marie-Louise Kok,
Intrapreneur at Sanoma Lab

Building a great product is key when you are innovating or building a Startup. But, that is only half of the winning formula. You must be able to attract, activate and retain customers as well. When following the Lean Startup approach you need to start validating with customers as soon as possible. That is why we advise to start working with our Growth Hacking teams from day one. Product development and marketing need to go hand-in-hand to ensure success. We have a number of expert in-house teams that can help you with growth hacking before, during and after the launch of your Startup or Innovation.

Your Benefits:

  • Experienced growth hackers that help early validation;
  • In depth knowledge of all traction channels & agile marketing principles;
  • Learn quickly based upon weekly experimentation cycles.
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Some of our specialities:

  1. Funnels and Measurements: We set up various measurement tools on your platform like Mixpanel, Google Analytics (advanced settings), Kissmetrics, VWO. Measuring the Key Performance Indicators correctly is the backbone of any successful online business.
  2. Paid User Acquisition: It is easy to spend money on large platforms like Facebook, Adroll and Linkedin without results. Our Expert team can not only optimize ads but ensure that you get measurable results on your spending, often driving down Cost Per Actions to the bare minimum. This also includes generating signups from content distribution.
  3. SEO support: We evaluate if your website is optimized for search engines and hire one of our experts to implement any necessary improvements.
  4. Referral Programs: Our expert teams specialize in designing referral programs to ensure your existing users bring in more users and your platform continues to scale on autopilot, even if nothing else is done.  
  5. Content marketing: Develop a killer content marketing strategy for your startup and hire our team of bloggers and copywriters to execute it in a timely and effective fashion.
  6. Social media marketing: Hire a community manager from our team and boost product awareness on social media.
  7. All-in Growth Hacking Package: Combining multiple traction channels we can also take on full charge of your growth marketing activities with a focus on delivering on your goals, bringing our complete range of skills to your business. Should you choose this package, we design and implement all experiments along with a custom crafted Growth Hacking Dashboard for your business

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