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6 Tips to Supercharge Corporate Innovation

The competitive landscape of most companies is changing at rapid pace. Most changes come from technology innovations. Existing businesses in every sector struggle with this digital disruption. The rate can vary, but disruption will hit every sector. And in this digital vortex existing companies are prisoners of their current success. But they understand that they need to innovate. The hardest question is: “How… Read more →


My New Life as a Remote Worker

Up to this point in my career I have been an office worker. My work life has been about commuting by car to uninspiring office buildings year after year. Although I never had traditional 9 to 5 jobs, the mindset in the companies I have worked for (even the ones I founded myself) was that… Read more →


How we support Lean Startup

As we work mostly for Startups we always align our work with the process they face in search of product-market fit. Lean Startup and Customer Development are common practices used by our clients. Our understanding of these practices make StarterSquad stand out against traditional digital agencies and software developers. We understand the process and rhythm… Read more →


How to find great Startup ideas?

I come across many people that want to start a business of their own, but have trouble finding the right startup idea. Although in some cases I suspect the phrase: “I am an entrepreneur waiting for a good idea to come along” actually means “I like the safety of my job, I have my mortgage,… Read more →

Startup Ideas

We are looking for co-founders!

Since the end of 2013 we have built a strong community of designers, developers and growth hackers for startups. We have built many startups for clients, in addition to launching the StarterSquad Lab. The Lab is designed to build our own startups with StarterSquad teams coupled with entrepreneurs that act as a co-founder. We successfully tested the process with startups like Capacitor, SwipeGuide and Ucourse, and now it’s time for the next stage. Our… Read more →


The Growth MBA: next generation marketing

Growth Hacking is hot! There is quite a lot of hype around it, but underneath is an exciting mix of marketing, hacking and data science that is crucial for businesses and marketing. To delve into leading edge Growth Hacking I attended the Growth MBA In A Day at The Next Web Europe Conference in Amsterdam. Growth Guru Samir… Read more →

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De-risking Your Startup in Five Steps

Entrepreneurship is all about risk. Building a startup is a risky exercise. But research has shown that most successful entrepreneurs are masters at analyzing and minimizing/avoiding risk. Just like investors, they view entrepreneurship not as a business of taking risks, but as one of mitigating and minimizing risk. From this perspective, we at StarterSquad developed an approach… Read more →

FinTech & Payments at hub:raum Berlin

FinTech and Payments are hot topics for Startups. That’s why Maik Götze from StarterSquad went to the MeetUp Group FinTech & Payments in Berlin. This MeetUp was held at hub:raum, the incubator & accelerator of Deutsche Telekom (German Telecom). This MeetUp was hosted by the Meetup Group “Berlin startups“, Thomas Keup of SPREEFACTORY, and Susanne Krehl, Head of… Read more →


Startup Camp Berlin 2015

We’re back in Berlin. Just like last month we are deep diving into the Berlin Startup Community. In addition to meetings in the city, we were present at the Startup Camp Berlin 2015. Some of the highlights … Key points from Keynotes The Startup Camp kicked off Friday the 13th. Around 1,000 attendees came to the Humboldt… Read more →

Startup Camp Alexanderplatz