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How to do SLA’s right

The way most people think about maintenance and support is wrong. Wrong in the same way that the healthcare system is broken. Here’s a brilliant way to fix it, so brilliant that I wish I’d thought it up myself. Someone told me that in ancient china, the village doctor would get paid a wage. Except… Read more →

How to turn your small business into a startup

​By far the most businesses in the world are so called micro businesses. This means they have less than 10 employees and a turnover below 2M. The definitions vary per country and there is no global research on this. In the US more than 80% of the small businesses reported less than $50k in 2011.… Read more →

You Need to Belle with ReactJS

This week Nik Graf, long time StarterSquad member and former CTO of will be at React Conference Europe. At the conference he will take the opportunity to release a new open source UI library called Belle. It’s an exciting moment for StarterSquad to see yet another great open source framework built by one of… Read more →

De-risking Your Startup in Five Steps

Entrepreneurship is all about risk. Building a startup is a risky exercise. But research has shown that most successful entrepreneurs are masters at analyzing and minimizing/avoiding risk. Just like investors, they view entrepreneurship not as a business of taking risks, but as one of mitigating and minimizing risk. From this perspective, we at StarterSquad developed an approach… Read more →

Elance is dying, here’s why

In late 2012, I started freelancing. Because I don’t like commutes and offices, I decided to work from home and was pointed to Elance. After signing up I got hired to help a startup turn the herd of remote cats they hired into a team. I succeeded in a couple of weeks to make the… Read more →

How to Kick-off a Startup Software Project?

This post was co-authored by Iwein Fuld, Founder of Capacitor, the workplace where companies develop their apps with the help of distributed teams. Software development is more about communication between humans than anything else. A successful delivery of a piece of software is, more than anything else, a sign that multiple people came to a… Read more →

Ideal Setup for Remote Collaboration

This post was written by Iwein Fuld, Founder of Capacitor, the workplace where companies develop their apps with the help of distributed teams. I’ve been doing remote work for over 10 years now. There’s been open source work, large conference meetings, outsourcing, remote support. Most of it has been distributed pair programming. My experience has… Read more →