How to find great Startup ideas?

I come across many people that want to start a business of their own, but have trouble finding the right startup idea. Although in some cases I suspect the phrase: “I am an entrepreneur waiting for a good idea to come along” actually means “I like the safety of my job, I have my mortgage,… Read more →

Startup Ideas

How to Kick-off a Startup Software Project?

This post was co-authored by Iwein Fuld, Founder of Capacitor, the workplace where companies develop their apps with the help of distributed teams. Software development is more about communication between humans than anything else. A successful delivery of a piece of software is, more than anything else, a sign that multiple people came to a… Read more →

StarterSquad Launchlab: building a virtual Startup Incubator

The big picture Last month, we kicked off the StarterSquad Launchlab as our laboratory for building internet startups. Up until then our remote development teams only worked for external customers building technological innovations. With cases like Vandebron and Zorgdomein we have proven our technical execution power. Our business model, which revolves around the sale of… Read more →

Golden Egg Check

Steps towards Business Automation @ StarterSquad

This post was written by Iwein Fuld, Founder of Capacitor, the workplace where companies develop their apps with the help of distributed teams. Sign up for Capacitor today and we’ll double your credits (up to €500) to hire a team for your project! We’ve been running StarterSquad for almost two years now (wow!) and a lot… Read more →

Web Summit 2014: Dublin Calling

As we are serious about Startups and Tech Development there was no doubt that we had to travel to Dublin this year for the Web Summit 2014. Last year we experienced the vibe, inspiring speakers and great networking opportunities. This year it was even more overwhelming. With 20,000 visitors, the event has grown to achieve… Read more →

Web Summit 2014

Top 10 reasons why Startups fail

This top-10 is derived from my personal experience, directly by coaching more than 100 startups and indirectly through my involvement in 300 other startups over the last decade. Underestimate timelines before the company is making profit (underestimating the marketing & roll-out costs) Overestimating the market size Funding problems and cash flow problems Problems with customer… Read more →

Life in a Startup Incubator (part 1)

As of September this year, SwipeGuide, a StarterSquad project, entered the Pressure Cooker program at Startup Incubator Utrecht Inc in the Netherlands. SwipeGuide is a platform that enables you to create, share and use visual step-by-step instructions on mobile devices. You can check out to learn more about the startup. In this blogpost, I… Read more →

Daan Assen with SwipeGuide at Utrecht Inc

Patterns of collaboration for collocated teams

In continuation to our last post on remote collaboration patterns, let’s take a look on some key collaboration patterns for collocated teams which are helping many teams worldwide. How can I help you? After working with many Agile projects, I realised that collaboration has deeper meaning in a widely used phrase, “How can I help… Read more →